ATTUNE Sustainable Campus Project

The Sustainable Campus Project ATTUNE, of which we are a partner, accepted within the scope of Erasmus+ and to be carried out under the leadership of GAP Spain, starts as of January 2023.

The project, which includes 10 partners from 5 countries, will last for 2 years. In the project, it is planned to design and pilot an innovative learning program that makes university campuses more sustainable. Based on shared values that help mitigate the impact of climate change and mobilize all members of the university community, the project aims to contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable future. In addition, the program is planned to be extended not only to participating universities and campuses, but also to other universities.

KORDSA Social Impact Study (SROI)

As Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, consultancy services are provided for Kordsa’s “Geleceği Güçlendirme” Project. The project aims to support and strengthen the educational processes of students and teachers. The Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology was used to assess the 2020 activities of the “Geleceği Güçlendirme” Project and was completed in October 2022. The SROI study presented important findings to strengthen the social impact of the projects to be carried out by Kordsa in the future.

GARANTİ BBVA Sustainability Ambassadors Program

Cooperation between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Garanti BBVA started in October 2021. Within the scope of Garanti BBVA “Dünyaya İyi Bakanlar” Program” a Sustainability Ambassadors structure will be established in order for the private sector to play an active role in sustainable development.

In this context, studies that will start with Capacity Building Workshops will continue with Ideathon, where employees will develop project ideas that serve sustainable development goals.

With the projects implemented, it is also aimed to increase the speed of reaching the sustainability goals of the bank, to spread the understanding of sustainability in the internal and external ecosystem of the bank, to support corporate social innovation and to strengthen the corporate belonging of the employees.


TEMSA Social Impact Study (SROI)

Collaboration between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and TEMSA started in April 2022. The Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis and reporting of studies have been carried out with a focus on TEMSA's contributions to Çukurova University (Ç.Ü.) Automotive Engineering Department. The impact of TEMSA's contributions to the Automotive Engineering Department on the stakeholders and the financial values of the changes created by the project will be determined, and the areas of improvement in the collaboration between TEMSA and Ç.Ü. Automotive Engineering Department will be explored.

Erte Cosmetics Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Cooperation between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Erte Cosmetics started as of December 2021.

Within the scope of the one-year consultancy, Mikado support the development of Erte Cosmetics' sustainability strategy and the preparation of its 2021 sustainability report.
The studies, that started with the prioritization of sustainability, continued with the preparation of the 2021 Sustainability Report of Erte Cosmetics. Our sustainability consultancy service continues in 2023.

Please click to access the 2021sustainability report.

YAŞAR HOLDING Strategic Sustainability Management Consultancy

We continue our strategic sustainability management consultancy cooperation with Yaşar Holding in 2023. 

SANOFİ Social Investment Study

In the collaboration between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Sanofi that started in October 2022, the social impact of the “Geleceğin Kadın Liderleri” (GKL) Program, conducted by Sanofi together with the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) will be assessed. Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology will be used in the social impact assessment to be conducted. The impact of the GKL Program on the stakeholders, and the financial values of the changes created by the project will be determined, and the areas of improvement will be explored.

ÇİMSA Social Investment Study

Collaboration between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and ÇİMSA started in October 2022. Within the scope of the “Sabancı Republic Movement”, initiated by Sabancı Holding, a social impact study has been carried out for ÇİMSA’s “İşimiz Eşitlik” Project by Mikado. The social impact assessment will reveal the effects of the project on its stakeholders, and increase the social impact capacity of the project.

SPOR İSTANBUL Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Cooperation between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Spor İstanbul started as of October 2021.

Within the scope of strategic sustainability consulting for Spor Istanbul, Mikado will support the development of Spor İstanbul's sustainability strategy and the preparation of its sustainability report.

The studies, which will start with the prioritization of sustainability, will continue with the preparation of the 2021 Sustainability Report of Spor Istanbul.


The impact assessment of the activities, projects, and sportive events organized by Spor Istanbul has been carried out by Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy since December 2019 to evaluate the performances and determine the effects of these activities on relevant stakeholders. The collaboration aims to reveal the level of achievement of the targeted output and projected results of Spor Istanbul, the impact of its activities on its stakeholders, the behavioral change and the level of change created by Spor Istanbul’s activities on the beneficiary group, and direct and indirect positive and negative effects.

Abdi İbrahim

Within the scope of the consultancy that started in December 2020 and will last for 1 year, services will be provided for Abdi İbrahim to develop and implement an effective community investment program.

Water Explorer

Maxion İnci Wheel Group Social Investment Program

As Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, we started the Social Investment Program cooperation with Maxion İnci Jant Group, which will continue until the end of 2022.
As part of the collaboration, Mikado designs and executes Maxion İnci Jant Group's Social Investment Programs.


The cooperation between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and AKBANK started in June 2021, and sustainability seminars are held within the scope of Akbanklı Buluşmalar.
As part of June 5, World Environment Day, seminars on Climate Change and Environmentally Responsible Choices and the EU Green Deal were given. In addition, a one-day Sustainable Supply Chain Management training was held for AKBANK managers in September 2021.


In the cooperation that started in August 2021, the monitoring and evaluation process of six projects carried out by Brisa within the scope of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Quality Education and Gender Equality is carried out.

In addition to revealing the contribution of Brisa's social projects to the relevant SDG, the projects are examined within the framework of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology. By determining the financial values of the changes created by the projects; the monetary value of the changes that occur with the project investment is compared.

CMS Catalyst Management Services

Within the scope of VF Corporation's innovative Worker and Community Development program (WCD), Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting conducted interviews with 5 different textile factories for the Turkish leg of the research conducted in 19 countries in order to determine the well-being of workers and their current needs.

Catalyst Management Services, VF Corporation's partner in data collection support, has partnered with Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting for the interviews to be conducted in Turkey. Within the scope of the cooperation that started as of August 2021; face-to-face and online surveys were conducted with the workers of 5 different factories from different regions of Turkey.

WCD Program puts sustainable improvements in the production process among its main objectives, as well as creating a safe and stable working environment for workers.


Within the scope of the cooperation that started as of November 2020, consulting is provided within the framework of content preparation for the Sustainability Communication Channel prepared by Arçelik globally for all employees. The cooperation will continue for 1 year.

WWF-Turkey (World Wild Fund for Nature) Green Office Implementation Partnership

Mikado Consulting has become the implementation partner of the Green Office Program run by the World Wildlife Fund as of October 2020. Green Office is an economy and recovery/improvement program applied in offices. Program; aims to raise awareness among office workers about energy savings, renewable resources, conscious consumption/usage of natural resources and changing lifestyle, especially carbon emissions. The cooperation between WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Fund) and Mikado continues in the new period of 2022.Click for the details of the program.

Sabancı Holding

The consultancy, which started in November 2020 and will last for 9 months, comprises structuring a capacity building program for the children of healthcare professionals, developing program tools and implementation of the program.

In the program, whic will be implemented in April, a platform including personal development training, career support, contents and films on professional development has been prepared for 11th and 12th grade students who are relatives of healthcare workers. In addition to the training contents of the platform, a structured mentoring program has been prepared.

School Project: FCHgo!

As Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, we are the Turkey coordinator of FCHgo international competition. The FCHgo Project aims to encourage the young generation to learn about fuel cell and hydrogen technology, a form of renewable energy. The project, teachers and students who are interested in science, "What will our daily life be like in a future that is transformed / shaped by hydrogen?" invites you to think about the question.

Mother Child Education Foundation

Within the scope of the consultancy that started in September 2020 and ended in July 2021, the Impact Assessment Study of the Mother Child Education Foundation's "Program for the Prevention of Early and Forced Marriages at Child Age" is being conducted. The study examines the changes created by the Program's activities to raise awareness regarding these marriages and to prevent these marriages. These activities focus on the changes occurring on mothers, fathers, girls, and boys. With the Impact Assessment Studies carried out, it is aimed to reveal the effect of the Program on the beneficiaries in question and to offer more effective program preparation proposals for the future.

Kale Group Volunteering Program

The consultancy, which started in October 2020 and will last for 9 months, includes the development of structuring and projects that will enable Kale Group employees to volunteer systematically.


Within the scope of the consultancy that started in December 2020, Intermobil's Global Compact Communication on Progress report will be prepared.

Technology Development Foundation of Turkey Xnovate Program Impact Assessment Study

Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting conducts the Impact Assessment Report of the Xnovate Program managed by the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey. Within the scope of the consultancy, Xnovate's Theory of Change was prepared, and focus group interviews were held with Xnovate Circle and Xnovate Fellows participants in order to collect in-depth data from Xnovate Program beneficiaries. Impact Analysis Study following focus group studies continued with the Impact Assessment Questionnaire applied to the Xnovate Circle and Xnovate Fellows participants. Besides these studies, Social Impact Management Training was provided to empower the TTGV team on social impact measurement and to increase the team's competencies. The study that began in July 2020 will end in December 2020.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Gelecek Daha Net Gençlik Platformu, which we have supported since its establishment received EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) grant support in partnership with Mikado within the scope of the Embark Project. As part of the project conducted with the EBRD, activities such as reverse mentoring, personal development and social entrepreneurship Bootcamps, Goals for Good program will be carried out until June 2021. Please click for detailed information about Embark.


The "Sustainable Future Competition", which was developed by the German Embassy to develop awareness of sustainability among young people is carried out by Mikado.  Competition was completed in August .1263 application has been taken from various cities. Competition can be followed from


As Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy, within the scope of the project we worked with Business World Platform for Goals, we conducted the proofreading of the Turkish version of the Sustainable Development Goals and Business Reporting Guidelines on Sustainable Development Goals and also provided the terminology controls of the guides.

Youth Research with GAP UK

As Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, with an international project we run in cooperation with the UK Global Action Plan (GAP UK), we have launched an international movement that will help young people question the world they want to live in, giving them the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to encourage them to discover and fight for what they care about. 


As Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, we started a cooperation with Bursa Nılufer Municipality as of January 31st. Within the scope of the cooperation that will continue for 12 months, Mikado will support the establishment of Nılufer Municipality Social Entrepreneurship Center. During the consultancy, it is planned to structure the center, to ensure its operation and to provide the necessary training and mentoring services.


The cooperation between Canakkale Highway and Bridge Construction Investment and Operation A.Ş. and Mikado started in February. As part of the cooperation, the monitoring and assessment process of the Canakkale Motorway Project Community Level Support Program is carried out. The evaluation takes place within the framework of the implementation supervision and reporting of the social investment program implemented in the campuses around Canakkale Motorway.

Maxion İnci Jant Group Corporate Sustainability Trainings

Within the scope of Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Maxion cooperation, a series of Corporate Sustainability Trainings were held online for Maxion managers in June and July 2020. During the interactive training sessions, methods for integrating sustainability and responsible management understanding into the company's business processes were presented, as well as tools for one-to-one implementation.


The cooperation between Kumport Port Services and Mikado has started in April 2018 and continued in the year 2020. During this period, Mikado prepared the 2017 and 2018 Sustainability Reports of Kumport. The 2017 sustainability report which was prepared in line with the most recent Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards is the first sustainability report published in the port services sector in Turkey. Kumport 2019 Sustainability Report was published in July 2020.

Açık Açık Social Enterprise

Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting takes part in the Açık Açık Social Enterprise, which is a platform established to bring people, institutions and investors together with social enterprises that are transparent, accountable and accept the Social Enterprise Declaration. Click to get more detailed information about Açık Açık Social Enterprise.


For SU GENDER Purple Certification Team, we organized Volunteer Motivation Training, which was designed with powerful techniques such as psychodrama, sociodrama and game learning.


We prepared the social impact assessment report for the Sustainable Life Film Festival which is held every year since 2008.


We prepared an evaluation and impact analysis report of the projects supported by İSTKA within the scope of Financial Support Program for Children and Young People.


We organized "Sustainability Culture Training" to Intermobil Sustainability Committee in order to develop sustainability culture and to deliver current approaches on sustainability.


We provided consultancy support in determining material issues of Nurol Construction.


As Mikado, we conducted Sustainability and Ethics training within the 6th Term Certificate Program of TEİD Academy Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management 


The cooperation between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Garanti BBVA started as of May 2019. Mikado provided support the creation of volunteer training content and adaptation of the content to the digital platform within the scope of Garanti BBVA's Employee Volunteering structure.


Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and ASTER Textile started their cooperation as of June 2019. Within the scope of this cooperation, Mikado provided support for the establishment of the sustainability structure of ASTER Tekstil, determination of sustainability priorities, development of the sustainability strategy, internalization of the sustainability approach and conducting stakeholder dialogue with the main stakeholders of ASTER Tekstil within the framework of sustainability. Mikado also contributed the preparation of ASTER's 2018 Sustainability Report.


Within the scope of a project jointly carried out by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management and the United Nations International Organization for Migration, a film was prepared to raise social awareness towards the Turkish community and immigrants and was shared with the public on December 18, International Migrants Day. Mikado and Zenna research company jointly conducted the perception study created by the film throughout March. Within the scope of the study, focus group meetings were held in Istanbul and Gaziantep and online field research was conducted.


Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and CMS Jant Industry Inc. started their collaboration as of March 2019. Within the scope of the study, Mikado supported the preparation of CMS's 2017-2018 Sustainability Report. The report was finalized by GRI approval as of September 2019.


Impact assessment report of Hrant Dink Foundation “Beyond Boundaries: Turkey Armenia Travel Fund, Scholarship Programme and Dialog Programme” for 2017-2019 term is prepared by Mikado.


BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) and Mikado conducted an international pharmaceutical company’s human rights assessment on 30-31 May in Turkey. In the first step of the two-days cooperation, BSR was informed about human rights and healthcare relevant issues in Turkey and afterwards site visits were conducted.


Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy and Hayat Kimya started their cooperation in April 2018. The scope of this 15 month-long cooperation is to establish sustainability structure. This entails helding identification of materiality topics, enhancing sustainability strategy and  carrying out stakeholder dialogue. Mikado also prepares Hayat Holding’s 2018 Sustainability Report.


Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy and Kastamonu Entegre started their cooperation in January 2018. The cooperation entails establishing sustainability structure; identification of materiality topics; carrying out stakeholder dialogues and developing a functioning sustainability strategy. Mikado also prepared the 2017 Sustainability Report of Kastamonu Entegre in line with the most recent Global Reporting Iniative (GRI) standards.


The cooperation between Sutas Group and Mikado has started in Feburary 2018. During this 5 month-long cooperation, Mikado and 3P Sustainability Consultancy prepared the 2016-2017 Sustainability Report of Sutas Group. The report prepared in line with the most recent Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards was completed in June 2018.


Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting conducted the social impact measurement of the project “My Mom’s Job Is My Future” between July-September 2017 to increase the organizational efficiency of the project and maximize its social impact. Borusan Holding run the project since 2013 in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, aiming to increase the employment rate of women in industry and foster the empowerment of women.

In this context, Borusan opened up 4 child day care facilities under the name of "Borusan Joy Factory" for children aged between 0 and 6 within 4 Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) situated in Adıyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Balıkesir and Malatya cities of Turkey. The objective of Borusan Joy Factories was to facilitate the lives of women who cannot participate the labour force because of their child-care responsibilities and to enhance the contribution of skilled female labour force participation to the Turkish economy.

The collaboration between Mikado and Borusan involves site visits to local governments, local NGOs, “Borusan Joy Factories”, and OIZs within these 4 cities to determine the impact of the project on its main stakeholders.


The collaboration between Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Kahve Dünyası started on August 2017. Within this collaboration, Mikado developed and runs a 3 pillar Sustainability Program for Kahve Dunyasi. The Program involves; development of environment friendly practices within the 3 selected coffee shops of Kahve Dunyasi, development of employee volunteering mechanism within the company and communication support of these sustainability practices.


Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting started to work with ENKA on March 2017. The scope of the work is to develop and implement a sustainability strategy of ENKA. This entails helding materiality workshops with ENKA’s stakeholders, crafting a system for a sustainable stakeholder dialogue; implementing the strategy and the system and helping internalization of sustainability perspective among ENKA’s stakeholders. Mikado has also prepared ENKA’s 2017 Sustainability Report.


Doing Business with Human Rights project that took place between 2017-2018 was developed and run by Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development Association and supported by Mikado Development Consulting. During the project that focused on the responsibility on respecting human rights in business world, “Doing Business With Human Rights” Guideline is translated to Turkish in partnership with the UN Shift Network and a launch event took place in partnership with the Consulate and the UN Global Compact Network Turkey. There were also 2-day trainings on building capacity of companies on how to do business with respect to human rights.


“Investment Ready Social Enterprises: Capacity Building Program” was run by Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting in collaboration with Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) and Ashoka Turkey. ​The action aims at empowering social enterprises on investment readiness. Our project has three objectives: (1) Capacity building of social entrepreneurs on their investment readiness through enhancing management and decision-making processes (including strategy, business plan, social impact, financial model); (2) Knowledge dissemination and experience sharing and transfer of know-how on “investment readiness”; (3) Supporting the development of demand side by leveraging social enterprises through crafting models and good practices. The project was implemented between January 2017 and June 2018. It was funded by the Employment and Social Innovation Program (EaSI) that is a financing instrument at EU level to promote a high level of quality and sustainable employment, guaranteeing adequate and decent social protection, combating social exclusion and poverty and improving working conditions.


Water Explorer is a fun, inspiring and educational program that empowers thousands of students across the world to take joint action on water issues for their schools and communities. ​Clean water provision is one of the biggest issues facing society; one that will only increase for the next generation. In the leadership of Global Action Plan (GAP) UK, organizations across 11 countries have joined together to create a fun, action-packed "Water Explorer" program to stop this apathy and support students aged between 8 and 14 to lead the way to a more water conscious world. The program is supported by HSBC Water Program. Water Explorer program has been run by Mikado Consulting in Turkey since August 2014. Within three years, more than seven thousands of students in Turkey have developed projects as part of the program in order to raise water-awareness in their schools and homes. They created a huge impact and reached 42,000 people in their local. 


Our collaboration with Novartis that started in 2017 involved development of employee volunteering program of Novartis. Within this context, Mikado supported Novartis in integrating employee volunteering to already existing or future community investment programs in a systematic manner through offering various tools and trainings.


TurkStream starts on the Russian coast near the town of Anapa and run over 900 km through the Black Sea to come ashore in the Thrace region of Turkey. TurkStream directly connects the large gas reserves in Russia to the Turkish gas transportation network, to provide reliable energy supplies for Turkey and southeast Europe. The offshore pipeline consists of two parallel pipelines running through the Black Sea. The pipelines enters the water near Anapa, on the Russian coast, and come ashore on the Turkish coast some 100 km west of Istanbul, near the village of Kiyikoy. Between Devember 2016- May 2017, Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting prepared a socio-economic baseline study of the Project area- Kiyikoy, and assessment of the predicted impacts and suggested related mitigation measures.


Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting developed monitoring and evaluation tools and social impact measurement mechanisms for “Akıllı Köy-Smart Village” project run in cooperation with Tabider Agriculture Awareness Improvement Association and Tabit Agricultural Information and Communication Technologies. The consultancy included formation of theory of change, stakeholder based outcome map and tools to measure and evaluate indicators.


“Change with Business” program was realized with the partnership of Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF), Unicredit Foundation, Vehbi Koç Foundation, Social Innovation Center (SIM) and Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting. The program aimed to increase the social impact of social entrepreneurs in Turkey by supporting them to achieve financial sustainability. The main goal was to encourage finance sector in Turkey to work on developing strategies answering the needs of the social enterprises and complying with the background of Turkish finance market. Within the program, Mikado managed the development of the document “Social Finance Framework for Turkey” which will include an assessment of current situation in Turkey to develop the social financial market and relevant suggestions.


Between October 2016 - December 2017 Mikado supported the project that the French Agency for Development (AFD) and the Turkish partner bank initiated to support women employment in Turkey. The project aimed at creating awareness among Turkish companies from various sectors to develop better practices in terms of women employment and gender equality in the workplace. The task of the Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting was to adapt and finalise a toolkit that will help companies conduct their self-assessment in terms of women employment and design an action plan to improve their practices in this field. The toolkit also allows the client bank to both assess the eligibility of the applying companies to a loan and follow-up the implementation of women employment support activities. This operational toolkit is a key component of the implementation of AFD’s funded project.


Mikado Consulting conducted the social measurement of the “Promotion of Vocational Education for Girls” Project run by Hatay Erol Bilecik Technical and Industrial Vocational High School during November 2015 - October 2016. ​The project aimed at strengthening the ties between education and labour force market by improving the quality of vocational education at Hatay province and thus make vocational education an option for girls and increase their attendance. The Project has been funded within the scope of Europe Aid’s grant program “Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls”.


"Social Impact Measurement Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs" project was realized with the cooperation of Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF), Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, Estonian Social Entreprise Network (SEV) and Social Value UK (SVUK). The 2-year long project aimed at equipping young social entrepreneurs with skills and tools to become more impactful through improving their capacity on social impact analysis. The strategy is to create awareness among social entrepreneurs and eco-system developers, to increase access to knowledge by developing materials in native languages, and to increase skills of social entrepreneurs by providing training and coaching program. This transnational project was financed by the "Erasmus+" Program of the European Union under the Key Action 2:Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


Our consultancy, initiated in March 2015, included conducting materiality workshops with Zorlu Energy’s main stakeholders; developing sustainability policies and strategy; implementation of the strategy; instilling sustainability among employees as well as other stakeholders and sustainability reporting. 


Mikado was the sustainability consultant of Roche Turkey between 2011- 2015. The consulting included building and management of the company sustainability strategy.

Within this respect, profound practices were carried out and sustainability activities directed towards internal and external stakeholders were performed to reinforce the sustainability approach within the organizational culture. One of such sustainability activities that took place between 2014 and 2015 was the human rights training of the employees of Roche Turkey.

Moreover, Mikado Consulting prepared 2011, 2012 and 2013 Sustainability Reports of Roche Turkey. 2011 Report was awarded a B+ and 2012 Report was awarded an A+ application level by GRI. Mikado also carried out 2013 and 2014 Sustainability Reports of Roche Turkey within the framework of the new generation reporting standard GRI- G4.

You can see the reports on


Our support to Anadolu Efes started as off January 2012 and entailed the development of Anadolu Efes's community investment program. The already existing funds within the scope of Anadolu Efes “Future Lies in Tourism” project were restructured in cooperation with UNDP and Turkish Ministry of Culture. The Fund aimed to strengthen the capacity of local tourism actors and NGOs to contribute to the sustainable tourism development through partnerships with public and private institutions. The fund developed best cases and contributed to knowledge sharing in the area of sustainable tourism implementation. The fund started in 2013 received approximately 600 project applications in 3 years time. In each application term, the short listed project owners were offered capacity building trainings to submit their final applications. On the final evaluation phase, 3 projects were selected and are funded.

The M&E's of the projects were also done by Mikado Consulting until 2015. Please visit for more updated info:


Mikado started providing Consulting to HSBC Turkey regarding its volunteering program in October 2014. The aim of this service was to remodel HSBC Turkey’s community investment projects in a more efficient and measurable respect. Besides the consultance, Mikado also provided training on employee volunteering management.


Mikado supports the Dreams Academy Project launched by Alternative Life Association in 2008. Mikado voluntarily conducted monitoring and evaluation of the project and prepared its social impact report measuring the social impact of the project in 2011. The Social Impact Report was publicly released in February 2013.


Sabancı University Social Investment Program was a yearlong program realized between 2014-2015. The goal of the Program was to address the needs and strengthen the emerging social investment eco-system through trainings aiming at strengthening the capacity of social ventures to scale their impact, taking their organization to the next level; attracting financial and non-financial resources for social impact and build partnerships; introducing (aspiring) social investors and social impact professionals to the world of social investment and training them to deploy capital and supporting for social impact in more effective ways; creating a strong community of social impact professionals across traditional boundaries and contributing to raising awareness of this emerging field in Turkey. Mikado Consulting supported the trainings and conducted the monitoring and evaluation of the Program to secure the achievement of its targets.​


Between 2014-2016, Mikado conducted the social impact measurement of all the activities of b-fit- a Sports and Life Center for Women. The consultancy included stakeholder analysis; social impact mapping; and indicator based social impact measurement and social return on investment. The social impact report of b-fit can be found here. ​


We, as Mikado Consulting, develop innovative solutions to social problems through social entrepreneurship projects. Ashoka defines social entrepreneurs as individuals with innovative solutions to society's most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change. Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, social entrepreneurs find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution, and persuading entire societies to take new leaps. FUTURE IS BRIGHTER is a social entrepreneurship project developed by the Mikado Team. The project was launched in November 2008. The Future is Brighter (Gelecek Daha Net in Turkish) is a development project that brings together those who need knowledge and those who have knowledge via innovative and interactive methods. The project creates synergy among educational institutions, private sector companies and NGOs and thus creates multi-dimentional social benefit. Today, success stories and the people's experiences are some of the most precious tools for transferring knowledge. Sharing knowledge and experience can inspire others even in their most desperate times. Why GDN? Because... In Turkey and many other countries, youngsters have difficulty in deciding which career path to choose, as they do not have enough information about professions and sectors. This results in unproductiveness in business life. This is one of the reasons behind unemployment. Because... While shaping their career, youngsters can learn from the experiences that adults who have had similar hardships and succeeded had. Because... In order for societies to go forward, personal and professional development have to be supported by alternative ways. Aims of the Project Making experience and knowledge sharing possible via innovative methods Creating synergy among educational institutions, private sector and NGOs Being a personal and professional development channel Founding a network of thousands of youngsters Encouraging employee volunteering Some of the instruments of the project include: Videos of success stories E-mentoring Web-conferencing among mentors and mentees Online and interactive trainings Simulation games The E-mentoring module enables transfer of knowledge through online chat rooms accessible from the project website. The system has an e-mentor network, including 200 voluntary e-mentors from 40 sectors at present and a student network of 4 universities and 2 high schools. Mentors and students are matched according to their expertise and demands and online chats take place under the supervision of the Mikado Team. The future prospects of the project include integrating more state universities and consequently increasing the number of beneficiary students. The project is being monitored and evaluated. Students' satisfaction and the benefit they get out of the project matter to us. Below please find some results of the evaluation reports.


The program, developed by Mikado Consulting in partnership with Sabancı University, also supported by the Consulate General of Netherlands, aimed to increase awareness and multiply best practices and bring about a change in business concerning human rights. Within the scope of the one and a half year long program initiated in June 2012, two 2-day “Business and Human Rights” trainings were provided to companies in October 2012 and January 2013 in Istanbul with the participation of 29 people representing 16 companies. As the second pillar of the Program, 6 month long, free mentoring on human rights was offered to participant companies that had been willing to improve their position on human rights. 5 of the 16 companies that attended the trainings got benefit from mentoring. In September 25th 2014, “Best Practices Conference” was held welcoming anyone interested in the subject. Companies, which benefited from mentoring and improved their positions on human rights within their organization, presented their cases during the conference. In the final pillar of the program, “Business and Human Rights Best Practices Booklet”, composed of project outcomes and best practice cases, was prepared and published.


The collaboration between Mikado Consulting and Turkcell took place between July 2013 and April 2014. ​As Mikado Consulting our services included status assessment; preparation of Strategic Sustainability Plan also covering short, medium and long term improvement actions; and conducting Turkcell’s 2012- 2013 sustainability report compatible with GRI G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Global Compact Communication on Progress (COP) Report. 2012- 2013 Sustainability Report of Turkcell was awarded a B application level by GRI.


Mikado was the sustainability consultant of Bilim Pharmaceuticals between 2009 and 2013. The consulting included developing and managing Bilim Pharmaceuticals sustainability strategy. All employees of Bilim Pharmaceuticals received sustainability trainings provided by Mikado. Mikado also assisted internal and external sustainability activities of the company. Additionally, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Corporate Responsibility Reports of Bilim Pharmaceuticals were written and issued by Mikado. 2010 report was the first GRI A application level, 2011 the first GRI A+ application level and 2012 was the first GRI G3.1 A+ application level awarded reports in Turkey. The reports can be reached through As of August 2015, our collaboration continues focusing on the 2013- 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report of Bilim Pharmaceuticals. The collaboration includes materiality analysis, stakeholder workshops and GRI-G4 compatibility of the Report.


Between 2007 and 2012, Mikado gave consulting to Koç Holding on their “Promotion of Vocational Education” Project. The Consulting involved crafting a unique- difference making coaching system called “Vocational Education Coaching”; developing the curriculum of the volunteer coaching and training modules for the scholarship holders; and formed monitoring and evaluation mechanisms specific to the project. Mikado also trained 373 volunteers among 21 different companies of Koç Holding on coaching and employee volunteering. Mikado also prepared the Social Impact Report of the project. This report represents a distinctive example in Turkey in terms of measuring the social impact of a community investment project performed by private sector. To reach more information about the project and the report please visit the project's website


In 2010 - 2011 period, Mikado provided support to YKM in developing and managing their community investment program.​ Mikado's support included the development of YKM Youth Program, which involved an interactive youth portal and a project competition. Mikado also managed the competition. Within the framework of the project, Mikado also developed an employee volunteer program.


Mikado Consulting has provided consultancy on developing Visa Turkey's corporate responsibility strategy and community investment programs between July and October 2009. The work stands as a baseline for Visa Turkey's future activities in corporate responsibility.


We have provided Corporate Responsibility for Sustainability Trainings to managers of Pirelli and Celikkord. By May 2011, we have started to support Pirelli in establishing its community investment program and its employee volunteering mechanism. We delivered volunteering trainings, we prepared Pirelli Volunteers Handbook.


Mikado provided Consulting on establishing Anel Group's Community Investment Program between 2010 and 2012. Mikado’s support included developing an employee volunteering mechanism and capacity building on institutionalization of the Çelikel Foundation founded by Anel Group. Mikado developed an education model -a curriculum that supports formal education- for the high school built by the Foundation in the Kavak district of Samsun, aiming it to become a model school. The pilot program began in December 2010 following the approval of Turkish Ministry of National Education. In 2011, the model was replicated in another public high school in Istanbul. Within the scope of the program, the students, the teachers and the parents were provided personal and vocational development trainings, workshops, seminars and vocational dialogues. The aim of the foundation is to spread the program throughout the country. Please see for the details.


With the support of Mikado Consulting, Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) was founded in November 2012. The aim of the Forum is for private, public and civil society sectors to have social impact, to widen the extent of the impact and to develop impact measurement tools and ultimately creating a deeper and wider awareness through models of good practices.


We have conducted organizational capacity building activities to establish a sustainable structure at the Association.​The work included, organization of a Search Conference, development of an internal regulations document, establishment of an advisory board, establishment of a fundraising strategy and a monitoring and evaluation system.


We have conducted the organizational structure building of KAGIDER's Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center. ​The scope of our consultancy included, the determination of the center building, the establishment of the organizational structure, fundraising activities, the development of the trainings' contents and the provision of the pilot trainings. Our consultancy lasted 8 months; then the center started to run by its own with its own director.


Amnesty International Turkey has conducted the 60th Anniversary of Human Rights Declaration Project in 2008, Mikado, as an independent party, has conducted the monitoring and evaluation activities during the project. ​The evaluation report has been published in March 2009.