Youth Research with GAP UK

Youth Research with GAP UK

As Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, with an international project we run in cooperation with the UK Global Action Plan (GAP UK), we have launched an international movement that will help young people question the world they want to live in, giving them the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to encourage them to discover and fight for what they care about. 

​Young people are increasingly worried about the problems of our world, especially the climate and ecological crisis. They want to do something to contribute to the solution, but they don't know where to start or they think that what they can do won't make any difference. On the other hand, teachers state that they do not feel well equipped to discuss climate change with their students and do not know what to recommend to students beyond simple lifestyle changes.

As Mikado, we collected answers through surveys and focus group studies in order to better understand what is important for the youth in this project. Turkey and the United Kingdom answers from students, teachers anywhere in the world, without having to be climate experts, will benefit the design of simple exercises and activities can manage. With these activities, teachers will be able to have meaningful conversations with their classrooms about climate change and ecological crisis, and help students transform their concerns into action-oriented actions and help students become change makers about the environment.

The opinions of young people aged 7-18 about the barriers and facilitators in taking action to protect nature and help other people were collected through surveys and focus groups. You can find the outputs that include the basic points that emerged as a result of these studies here. Please click to read the research report.