Mikado took part in the "Aslı Dede ile Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Okulu" Podcast!

Thursday, December 30, 2021
Mikado took part in the

Mikado Founding Director Serra Titiz and General Coordinator Şadan Ertekin were guests of the “Aslı Dede ile Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Okulu” podcast on November 9th. 

“Values change to be successful. What impact do you have on the world?” Based on the question, the importance of preventing possible negative effects by observing the impact arising from the actions/activities of individuals and companies was discussed in terms of sustainability. 

While talking about the stages companies go through in their sustainability journey, the importance of stakeholder participation in this process was emphasized.In addition, the contributions of individuals to sustainability through the choices they make were also mentioned.

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