“Green Office and Store Trainings” at Kahve Dünyası

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
“Green Office and Store Trainings” at Kahve Dünyası

“Green office and store trainings” are organized in the collaboration of Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy, ÇEKÜL, and Kahve Dünyası. Training program which contains a variety of topics from purchasing&waste management practices to all processes in office/store, is prepared by ÇEKÜL Information Tree specialists with the aim of making offices and stores suitable for our planet’s ecological boundaries and raising employee’s awareness. Training program is conducted primarily in Kahve Dünyası headquarters with the participation of 28 directors.

2 hours of seminar is conducted by Mikado and ÇEKÜL in Kahve Dünyası Veliefendi Factory on 22th of May, 2018 to all region and store liables. Şadan Ertekin Mis from Mikado presented sustainability, and afterwards “Planet’s Tresholds” environment training is conducted by Çekül with interactive games.