Serra Titiz
Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting
Şadan Ertekin Mis
Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting

Who should attend?

  • Experts and managers representing organizations that would like to strategically address sustainability within the organization
  • Professionals working in the fields of sustainability, corporate communication, human resources, environment and OSH
  • All professionals who would like to have a holistic understanding of the subject

Why should attend?
In the training conducted by Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting, companies are provided with advanced approaches and contents to support them to become “responsible citizens” to comply with today's developing world and to gain competitive advantage.
Training offers companies methods to integrate sustainability and corporate responsibility into their management and operational processes; and it equips them with implementation tools.
The aim of the training is to increase the number of success stories of companies who develop their own sustainability strategies and adopts effective sustainability management approaches. 

Training Topics
  • Development of the sustainability agenda
  • Keystones of sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • International sustainability standards and indexes
  • Best practices from Turkey and the world
  • Becoming a B Corp
  • Establishing right structures for sustainability management within the organization
  • Responsible leadership in sustainability management
  • Developing sustainability strategy within the organization
  • Sector-specific topics in sustainability management
  • Stakeholder engagement in sustainability management
  • Supply chain in sustainability management
  • Effective communication in sustainability management
  • Venue
    Cezayir Meeting Hall, Istanbul
  • Duration
  • Training Language
  • Participation Fee
    1.200 TL +VAT
  • Certificate of Participation
    Participants will be given a certificate of participation signed by Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting at the end of the training.