Serra Titiz
Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting

Konuk Konuşmacı
Guest Speaker (TBD)

Who should attend?

  • Experts and managers representing organizations that would like to strategically address sustainability within the organization
  • Professionals working in procurement, sustainability, corporate communications, human resources, environment and OSH
  • All professionals who would like to have a holistic understanding of the subject

Why should attend?
The time for organizations to govern sustainability risks and impacts only within company boundaries has come to an end. The pressure coming from stakeholders like customers, NGOs, investors and community pushes organizations to revise their sustainability strategy to include their supply chain.

There are many reasons for organizations to measure their economic, social and environmental impacts of their supply chains. Companies that improve their sustainability performance of their supply chain, reduces their risks, increases their efficiency, increases their innovation capacity and enhances their corporate value.

During the training, the steps companies have to follow to design their supply chain management are presented and participants will find the opportunity to listen good examples and practice what they have learned through individual and group works.

Training Topics
  • The meaning of sustainability
  • The meaning and significance of sustainable supply chain management
  • Steps of sustainable supply chain management
  • Determination of risks and commitments
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Auditing suppliers
  • Improvement of suppliers
  • Supplier dialogue
  • Venue
    Istanbul (TBD)
  • Duration
    1 day
  • Training Language
  • Participation Fee
  • Certificate of Participation
    Participants will be given a certificate of participation signed by Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting at the end of the training.